United we are strong

2020 was a very difficult year for many citizens of the Republic of Moldova. It was particularly difficult for children from needy families whose parents are without work or income, as well as for lonely elderly people.

Thanks to our sponsors, we were able to support 3'858 families with food packages during the pandemic. The total weight of the packages is 56.099 kg. We would like to thank heartily HCN (Switzerland), priest Erwin Benz (Switzerland), Mrs. Brigitta Walder (Switzerland), Hilfswerk Liechtenstein e.V. (Liechtenstein), priest Hans Bock (Germany), Pro Moldavia e.V. (Germany) , Menschen helfen e.V. (Germany), Zühlke family (Switzerland), Huber family (Switzerland), Fraziskusgemeinschaft, Pinkafeld (Austria), Mrs. Thea Cleophas (Holland).

From dream to reality...

This year was a difficult one - and not just for our country. So everyone - and we too - were affected by the COVID-19 virus. The children from our BUNVOLENTIA projects also suffered; they had to have distance learning. The begnning of a new school year was very difficult because of the imposed restrictions. One of the them was to establish conditions in classrooms so that social distance was kept. This was difficult if not impossible with the two-seater benches from the Soviet times. We appealed to our partners with a request for help. Their answer was prompt; and we got the “green light” for a great project of new banks. All BUNVOLENTIA centers have got new, high-performance and high-quality furniture. Totally 378 single-seated school desks including chairs were purchased. The employees of our BUNVOLENTIA projects, the children and their parents would like to thank the sponsors; These are Hilfswerk Liechtenstein e.V (Liechtenstein), the organization "Hilfe für Osteuropa e.V", Todtnau (Germany), priest Erwin and the Catholic Parish Baar (Switzerland) and priest Hans Bock, Schierling (Germany).

As always on time ...

Despite the pandemic, Saint Nicholas did his best to make children happy after a long wait. They are full of expectation and impatient: will Saint Nicholas bring them a present or ... The little ones get their clothes ready and shine their shoes the night before; their impatience floats around.

Of course, Saint Nicholas has not forgotten these needy children: 691 boys and girls may look forward to sweet and tasty gifts.

PRO Moldavia e.V (Germany), Help for Children in Need (Switzerland) and Menschen helfen e.V (Germany) helped to fill the gift sack for Saint Nicholas this year.

Assistance in these difficult times

The pandemic has got the whole world under its control - including Moldova. Mrs. Ursula Honeck, Todtnau (Germany), who has been supporting families from Moldova for over 25 years, has found a possibility to offer 25 families a financial support; so, she has not only helped them, but also has made them happy. With tears in their eyes they have received help, which is especially important and valuable in these difficult times. The sponsored families are infinitely grateful to Mrs. Honeck and wish her and her entire family God's blessings.

For the first time in Moldova: a summer terrace

The restrictive measures related to the pandemic are challenging teachers to look for different ways of sharing educational content.

At the initiative of the headmistress of the local school, a summer terrace was built in the village Ciuciueni, Singerei district. Classes can take place here if the weather is good. In the afternoon, this is also the place where the BUNVOLENTIA Ciuciueni project is carried out.

The necessary building materials could be purchased thanks to financial support from priest Hans Bock, Schierling (Germany). Besides the children's parents helped out under the guidance of the headmistress, Mrs. Angela Albu.

It should be mentioned that this project is unique in Moldova.

The fulfillment of a longstanding dream

In the senior center in the village Ghetlova, Orhei district are provided the necessary services for 38 elderly people. Unfortunately, there was no place in the surrounding area where old people could spend time outdoors.

As soon as Mrs Brigitta Walder and Priest Erwin Benz (Switzerland) became aware of this problem, they were thrilled that PRO UMANITAS was planning an outdoor seating area; they pledged funding. It is important to mention that not even a month has passed from the moment we asked for help until the completion of construction work. On September 2, 2020 the mayor of the village together with the happy residents of the center, celebrated the opening of this wonderful place. Now the elderly can organize meetings, watch videos and films, celebrate birthdays, and also hold other events outdoors.

A pleasant surprise from the Zühlke family

Thanks to the financial support of the Zühlke family (Switzerland), 80 needy children from BUNVOLENTIA projects in the villages Misovca, Gangura and Alexandrovca received food packages. The weight of one package is ca. 18 kg.

All children and their parents are endlessly thankful to the Zühlke family for this gesture of mercy, love and care. May God bless you!

House renovation is completed!

We are pleased to inform that the second and final stage of the renovation of the purchased house for the Moruz family in Grigorauca, Singerei district, has been completed. Their house was totally destroyed in a fire in January 2020. Thanks to financial support from HILFSWERK LIECHTENSTEIN, President Mrs Bettina Pelger-Sprenger, Triesen (Liechtenstein) and „Hilfe für Osteuropa e. V” President Mrs. Ursula Honeck, Todtnau (Germany) in the final stage, the following works were carried out: dismantling of the old and installation of a new roof, insulation of the outside walls of the house and their painting, installation of a rainwater drainage system, protection of the foundation from moisture, as well as other minor works.

Help comes regularly and always in time

Mrs. Ursula Honeck, Todtnau (Germany) has been taking care of the needy in Moldova for more than 25 years. She visits Moldova twice a year. The main purpose of these visits is to meet 27 families in need and to provide them financial aid.

This year, despite the pandemic, Mrs. Honeck found a way to help these families.

We have moved!

We would like to inform you that the PRO UMANITAS office from July 16, 2020 will be located at the following address:

str. Calea Orheiului 122, Of. 205
MD 2020, com. Stauceni, mun. Chisinau

The telephone and fax numbers are:
Tel.: +373 22 009 989
Fax: +373 22 990 919

High appreciation of our activity

Every three years the government commission reviews the realized projects and activities of our charity organization PRO UMANITAS; in May this was the sixth time. As a result, the Ministry of Justice recognized PRO UMANITAS again as an organization of general utility and awarded it with a corresponding certificate.

We are very grateful to all of our partners as well as to all employees and volunteers who are involved in the implementation of our projects, and we express our sincere gratitude.

Help in the time of the coronavirus crisis

In the period of coronavirus pandemic, a social canteen cannot often not render assistance for families and the elderly in need. Food packages can be more helpful and, above all, more adapted to the situation. We were able to implement this project thanks to the help of our partners from Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany.

Human needs should not be ignored!

The school in Iezarenii Vechi village was built in 1974. One of the main drawbacks was that there were no toilets in the building, only outside; they did not meet hygiene standards: there was no water or heating! This led to various children’s diseases, especially in the cold season. Since these conditions were dangerous for the health of children and adolescents, we decided to install toilets in the school building. The school administration offered a large room where this project could be implemented. New toilet rooms fully comply with generally accepted standards; the rooms are also well heated. Children are very pleased with these improvements.

We thank Priest Erwin Benz and Mrs. Brigitta Walder, Switzerland, for the opportunity to implement this project.

25 years of help for the needy in Moldova

The successful work of the German aid organization "Hilfe für Osteuropa Todtnau-Seelscheid e.V" began exactly 25 years ago in February. The following numbers speak for themselves:
- more than 500 tons of humanitarian aid (medical equipment, medicines, sanitary facilities and etc) were mainly brought to Moldova with volunteer assistants, accompanied by Mrs. Honeck.
- Many projects have been implemented, especially projects to provide funds in emergency situations.
- Even today, about 30 poorest families receive financial support twice a year.

This is not a complete list of good deeds that the president of the organization, Mrs. Ursula Honek, has organized for Moldova over the past 25 years.

By way of a thank you, this organization received many diplomas and letters of gratitude.

On behalf of PRO UMANITAS and all the beneficiaries, we sincerely thank Ursula Honek for the kindness and selfless work.

May the gracious Lord reward her and all her colleagues in full.

Birthday of our spiritual leader

If the Latin "Humanitas" can be translated „with humanity, philanthropy, but also with mildness, courtesy and fine taste”, PRO UMANITAS sets itself a high goal, especially since our organization tries to implement this in the spirit of the Christian message. Our spiritual leader, Father Piotr Kuszman, contributes significantly to this. He does not do this in the foreground, but do it benevolent and beneficial, in the sense of faith, hope and love. We would miss him if we didn't have him. We are very grateful to him. Our best blessings accompany him; we hope that we can count on his company, kindness and commitment for a long time. Ad multos annos!

From tears of bitterness to tears of joy

The tragedy in the family Moruz from the Singerei district occurred on Christmas night, January 8, 2020. The fire destroyed all the family’s property, as well as all documents. Due to serious damage, the house could not be restored.

Thus, a young family with two small children (7 and 6 years old) left in the middle of winter without a house. Their neighbours gave them a hand and offered the young family lodging for the night.

Thanks to the mercy of our partners, we were able to purchase a home for the family affected by the fire. The next day, the good villagers came to the rescue to create all the necessary conditions for living in it. Work was carried out from early morning until evening.

A few days later, the sounds of construction tools gave way to the sonorous laugh of children. This was possible thanks to the generosity of the following sponsors: Priest Erwin Benz (Switzerland), “Trilingual Dayschool GmbH” (Switzerland), “Hilfe für Osteuropa e. V” (President Mrs Ursula Honeck, Germany), “Menschen helfen e. V” (President Mr Dr. Robert Roithmeier, Germany), “Help for Children in Need” (President Mr Peter Garst, Switzerland).

Action for the poorest in Moldova

Many families and especially old people have great financial difficulties; often they live at or even below the poverty line. We were able to help 25 of the poorest families (from different parts of Moldova) bringing them food packages with canned fish and meat, various types of porridge (rice, buckwheat, wheat, oatmeal), pasta, sugar, oil, biscuits, etc.

This wonderful action was made possible by the Franciscan Community, Pinkafeld (A) - in the spirit of Francis, "the father of the poor who made himself equal to all the poor and could not see that someone was even poorer than him" (Thomas von Celano , Vita prima ch. 15). May God bless you!

The Gallery was updated:
- Day care centers for children BUNVOLENTIA
- Day care center for children “St. Maria”, Grigorauca
- Furniture for the dining room in Petrovca, Mihailovca and Misovca
With love for the needy

Whenever Mrs. Ursula Honeck and Mr. Thomas Honeck from the organization “Hilfe für Osteuropa”, Todtnau, come to Moldova, they bring donations with them and at the same time great joy to needy families. Therefore, they arrived in our country and visited various projects in Orhei, Edinet and Chisinau.

In Chisinau, a pleasant meeting was held with sponsored families. Mrs. Honeck and Mr. Honeck transmitted donations from sponsors from Germany and received many thanks and wishes.

Report of Activity 2019

With great joy, we would like to announce that our annual Report of Activity 2019 is now available on our website under the Reports section.
Heating materials in time

In cold winter times, people in need have a hard time. Food is one thing; a warm room is another. The organization HILFSWERK LIECHTENSTEIN enables us to supply ten poorest families in Grigorauca - including people with disabilities and pensioners - with heating material. Heat in the direct sense - in addition to heat in the figurative sense - it also helps against the common cold and severe chronic diseases. This act of Christian charity committed by people in the Principality of Liechtenstein to survive the difficult winter period deserves not only thanks, but also respect and recognition. The action is in the spirit of the Gospel, of Christ and of the Church.