The Solon Foundation is again in Moldova

Representatives of the Solon Foundation, Lucerne, Mr. Douglas Funk and Ms. Vahida Huzejrovic came to Moldova for a short visit. This foundation has been supporting students in Moldova since 2006. During this period, 471 students were offered help. During this visit, Mr. Funk and Ms. Huzejrovic had the opportunity to meet with students and teachers of the vocational training centre in Grigorauca, Singerei district, to see what disciplines are taught in the centre and what learning environment has been created for students; two families of students from this centre were visited by them at home. After hearing about the arrival of the dear guests, the residents of the Grigorauсa village expressed the wish to personally thank them for the water supply project implemented in this village in 2008. The warm reception ended with a wonderful musical performance organized by the children and teachers of the day centre for children “St. Mary” in Grigorauca.

For his long-term contribution to the education of the country's society, Mr. Funk was awarded a first-class honorary diploma from the President of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova.

A surprise for Mihailovca

In the past three years, the economic situation in the Republic of Moldova has continued to worsen. It is particularly difficult for village schools, which are only sparsely funded by the state. One of these schools is located in the Mihailovca village, Singerei district, where PRO UMANITAS has two BUNVOLENTIA projects for children from socially disadvantaged and needy families.

Because the old refrigerator no longer worked, the children from low-income families could remain without warm meals; for many, this is also the only meal of the day.

Thanks to the responsiveness of the Weiss family, Germany, and Ms. Thea Cleophas, Holland, it was possible to buy a good new fridge that met all the necessary standards in in the shortest possible time.

On behalf of all children, their parents and the school management, we would like to thank the donators for their great help and support.

The Gallery was updated
- Day Centres for Children BUNVOLENTIA 2022;
- Day Centre for Children „Saint Mary” in Grigorauca 2022;
- Day Centre for the Elderly „Sfintul Petru” in Grigorauca 2022;
- Water supply for the Homuteanovca village, Ialoveni district.
Menschen Helfen e.V. for the needy

Socially disadvantaged segments of the population, such as needy, low-income families and sick pensioners, find themselves in a difficult financial situation. During the hard winter, these needy people suffer particularly from hunger, colds and serious chronic illnesses. Firewood prices are very high and unaffordable for the poorest segments of the population.

Thanks to the love of Christ and the mercy of our partners from the association "Menschen Helfen e.V." (President Dr. Robert Roithmeier, Germany) we had the opportunity to supply 47 needy families in the Grigorauca village, Singerei district, with firewood (4 m3 per family). This is a great help for people in need to get through the difficult winter period. May the Lord reward you a hundredfold for your helpfulness and compassion!

Meeting of "Menschen Helfen e.V." with Bishop Leon Dubravsky

On March 27, 2023, a meeting took place between representatives of the German association “Menschen Helfen e.V.” and Bishop Leon Dubravsky and other representatives of the Diocese of Kamyanets-Podilskyi, Ukraine. The meeting took place on the territory of the Republic of Moldova at the Briceni (MD) - Rososhany (UA) border crossing point. It was a wonderful meeting, during which both sides discussed the specifics of implementing refugee aid projects in their regions, exchanged experiences, and asked interesting questions. Bishop Leon presented letters of thanks to the representatives of “Menschen Helfen e.V.” for their great engagement and important support for the refugees since the beginning of the war.

Visit of “Menschen Helfen e. V.” in Moldova

Representatives of the association "Menschen Helfen e.V." (Dr. Robert Roithmeier, Mr. Ingo Ingerl, Ms. Melanie Christoph, Ms. Anna Hubal, Mr. Christoph Nolte and Mr. Felix Vogelsang, Germany) arrived for a visit in Moldova. Traditionally, they visited the Day Centre for Children “Saint Mary” in Grigorauca village, Singerei district, which they have been financing for 16 years.

The guests had the opportunity to view the children during their activities in all 9 courses. At the same time, they noticed the progress of each course. In gratitude for the provided support, the children prepared a performance in English. Locals also were present at the concert to greet and thank the sponsors personally. The guests were amazed at the excellent performances of the children and rewarded them with sweet surprises for their great effort.

On behalf of all children, their parents, the employees of the children's day center, the local authorities and the residents of the Grigorauca village, we would like to thank "Menschen Helfen e.V." for the great willingness to help and the great support for the neediest children and families in Moldova! God bless you!

Welcome to Moldova!

After a long break of more than three years, the leaders of the organization "Help for Children in Need" (HCN), President Mr. Peter Garst with his wife Martha Garst and Vice-President Mr. Edwin Hollenstein (all from Switzerland) arrived together again on a visit to Moldova. During the week, HCN representatives managed to visit all 16 day centres for children “BUNVOLENTIA”, day centre for the elderly “Sfintul Petru”, to meet with families which they financially suport, to participate in the 26th seminar for all coordinators, teachers and cooks of the “BUNVOLENTIA” projects, to meet and communicate with refugees from Ukraine whom they provide financial assistance, and come into contact with representatives of state services in order to continue the successful implementation of projects to support children from socially disadvantaged families. Children, the elderly as well as other beneficiaries and project employees were very happy to meet the dear sponsors. As a reward for an excellent work, everyone received sweet gifts from the guests.

By the way, this was Mr. Peter Garst's 35th visit to Moldova. We sincerely thank our partners for 16 years of fruitful cooperation, thanks to which more than 400 children are helped all over Moldova every year. God bless you!

Meeting of representatives of the Kindermissionswerk, the Diocese of Kamyanets-Podilskyi and PRO UMANITAS

On March 21, 2023, a business meeting took place between representatives of the German organization Kindermissionswerk 'Die Sternsinger' e.V., Managing Director Ms. Anne Wunden and the Responsible for projects in Central and Eastern Europe at the Kindermissionswerk, Dr. Klemens Büscher, representatives of the Kamyanets-Podilskyi Diocese, Diocesan Bishop Leon Dubravsky, Bishop Radoslaw Zmitrowicz and Diocesan Caritas director Gabriel Sucharsky and representative of PRO UMANITAS, President Vladimir Nadkrenicinii. The meeting took place on the territory of Moldova near the border at Briceni (MD) - Rososhani (UA). During the meeting, the results of common projects in support of refugees who have found refuge in the parishes of the Diocese, as well as plans and perspectives for the future were discussed.

The 26-th seminar for the coordinators, teachers and cooks of the day centres "BUNVOLENTIA"

On March 18, 2023, the 26-th seminar for the coordinators, teachers and cooks of all 16 day centres "BUNVOLENTIA" took place in the Grigorauca village, Singerei district. The seminar was also attended by representatives of the organization "Help for Children in Need" (President Mr. Peter Garst, Vice-President Mr. Edwin Hollenstein and Mrs. Martha Garst), the initiator and main sponsor of BUN-projects, members of the charity association „PRO UMANITAS” (PU) , a government representative, representatives of local authorities, school directors and other invitees.

The school director and coordinator of the day centre "BUNVOLENTIA" in Petrovca, Mrs. Natalia Chifiriuc, prepared a comprehensive presentation on the topic "Children's well-being is the primary goal of the BUNVOLENTIA projects" and interactive activities for those present.

The seminar participants then used the opportunity to exchange their experiences in the implementation of BUN-projects, their ideas and wishes and to discuss the current questions.

It was a wonderful meeting where 81 people took part.

Annual general meeting of "PRO UMANITAS"

In March the annual general meeting of the Charity Association "PRO UMANITAS" (PU) took place. The President of PU, Mr. Vladimir Nadkrenicinii, reported in front of the members about the Association’s activity during the year 2022, and the Censor of PU, Mr. Oleg Djigun, gave the report on the verification of the activities of "PRO UMANITAS" in 2022. During the meeting, the annual budget and the annual activity plan for 2023 were approved.

It was also mentioned that this year is an anniversary year - 20 years since "PRO UMANITAS" has been implementing charitable projects with the support of its partners and donators.

Aid to Ukraine is under special control

This week the President of PRO UMANITAS visited the Ukraine.

Together with Bishop Leon Dubravsky, he got to know the implementation of projects that were financed by PRO UMANITAS.

At the same time, particular attention was paid to projects that are to be implemented this year.

Bishop Leon took the opportunity to thank all the sponsors who help the needy in the Kamyanets-Podilskyi diocese, especially for the refugee aid.

Medicines for the neediest

In winter, our body is particularly susceptible to illnesses and colds. That is why we have again carried out a distribution of medicines to 28 of the poorest, ill and loneliest elderly in the Grigorauca village, Singerei district. These are enough for a period of 1-1.5 months. Medicines were prescribed by the responsible family physician.

May the merciful Lord reward many times the sponsor of the project - "Hilfswerk Liechtenstein e.V." (Triesen) - for their care about the needy in Moldova.

With love for the needy

Moldova is a poor country. Poverty, misery and distress are particularly common in the villages. The income of the poor families is low and hardly enough for the bare necessities.

On the initiative and with the financial support of the Franciscan Community (Austria), a campaign to distribute food packages to the 15 neediest families from the village of Mihailovca, Singerei district, was carried out. The weight of one package was 25‘06 kg. This caused many tears of joy; and many words of gratitude were spoken spontaneously. All beneficiaries are sincerely thankful for this vital help!

A surprise for the neediest elderly in Moldova

83 lonely and neediest elderly people from the Gangura commune, Ialoveni district, and Grigorauca commune, Singerei district, got a wonderful surprise - food packages. Each package weighing 22 kg contains all the necessary food that will help the helpless and sick elderly for a long period. Through this action, the initiator and sponsor of the project, the organization “Hilfe für Osteuropa Todtnau-Seelscheid e.V.” (President Mrs. Ursula Honeck, Germany) showed their solidarity and support to the neediest in Moldova. With tears of joy in their eyes, the pensioners received this help; they are happy that they are not alone in these difficult times. On behalf of all beneficiaries, we thank you for this very helpful campaign. God bless you!

Traditional support for needy families from „Hilfe für Osteuropa Todtnau-Seelscheid e.V.“

Unfortunately Mrs. Ursula Honeck, President of „Hilfe für Osteuropa Todtnau-Seelscheid e.V.“ (Germany) could not visit our country this winter. Nevertheless, she made everything possible, so that her 21 sponsored families could receive the usual financial support from their donators from Germany. Today there was a wonderful meeting with the supported families. They were infinitely grateful for the provided help.

Activity Report 2022

We are pleased to announce that our annual Activity Report 2022 is now available on our website under the Reports section.
Firewood arrived on time

The living situation of many families and old people is very difficult, especially at the moment. Besides the usual high expenses for food, utility rates, clothing, medicines and others they have to support the expenditure for wood. These costs are too high. Many people cannot afford this and are freezing during this cold period.

With the help of Hilfswerk Liechtenstein e.V., Triesen, we could bring the warmth in the houses of 12 poorest families and old people from Grigorauca, incl. four refugee families from Ukraine. They are very grateful for that. God bless you!