Annual meeting

On Wednesday, 19.12.2007, took place the annual general meeting with the PU founders and PU staff. There was concluded the final analysis of PU activity during 2007 and there were discussed the PU perspectives for the year 2008.

Christmas action 2007

Today is ended the Christmas action within which 1670 children received gifts for Christmas. Other 78 children from families in need received as gifts shoes for winter.

The above-mentioned action was financed by our following partners: Hilfswerk Liechtenstein, Unterelbe-Frucht Handels GmbH & Co, Mrs. Monika Jahncke, (D), Sparda Bank West e.G., through Mr. Uwe Kuhnke, (D), Sister Rosina together with children from the kindergarten St. Michael, (D) and Father Hans Bock, (D).

New Projects

Mr. Garst (the President of HCN, Switzerland) visited Moldova for the 10th time. He came here with his wife Mrs. Martha Garst. They visited together their projects and were very frankly welcomed by the children and also by the coordinators. Both, Mr. Garst and Mrs. Garst remained with the situation from the projects satisfied. In this way they desire to found in the future other daily centres for disadvantaged children.

Another important subject that was discussed is the project that implies the bursary for ca. 50 students.

Also many children from our projects received warm boots. The boots were by Mrs. Jahnke (Germany) financed.

Water for the village Grigorauca

Good news for the families from the village Grigorauca.

The Solonfundation in association with HCN (Help for Children in Need, Switzerland) will finance a well, a water tower and a water supply system to different houses from the village.

Inauguration and presentation of our new projects within the boarding-school in Straseni!

Today on 02.10.2007 took place the inauguration and presentation of the workshops, minifarm and extern isolation and repair of the dormitories within the boarding-school for easy mentally handicapped children in Straseni. At this nice festivity participated many guests who contributed with valorous advice and financial support at the development of the new projects within the boarding-school:

  • Father Erwin Benz, representative of the Organisation „Help for Children in Need“, Suisse
  • Father Walter Ludin, editor of the missionsnewspaper "ite" and of "Franziskuskalenders", Suisse
  • Mr. Robert Roithmeier, President of the Organisation „Menschen Helfen e. V.“ and his colleagues Mr. Johannes Aldenhoff, Mrs. Andrea Eckstein, Mrs. Lena Tillmann, Germany
  • Mrs. Dr. Heidi Burkhart, Programdirector of “Hilfswerk Austria”
  • Mr. Nicolae Robu, President of the Council from Straseni, Republic of Moldova
  • Mr. Di Lionardo Alexander, representative of the German Embassy in the Republic of Moldova
  • Mr. Constantinos Ktoridis, businessman, Cyprus

…and also many other partners and representatives from Austria, Germany, Suisse and Republic of Moldova.

The children from the boarding-school have organized a little concert and dances for the guests. The eyes of all children were full of happiness because now they have more hope for future due to the improvement of their living condition in this institution.

Newly – baked Bred in the boarding school, Straseni

The children from the boarding school in Straseni ate today, newly – baked bred from the new bakery for the first time. As in every home and true family the children backed and then tasted and enjoyed the bred together with their teachers and other workers from this boarding school.

Thanks to our partners from Switzerland, Germany and France it was possible to equip for our children, in the same restored building near the bakery, some workshops: sewing-workshop, carpentry, and barber’s shop. The big oven from the bakery is a present from the organization “Help for Children in Need”, Switzerland

Representative of Schmitz-Hille-Stiftung in Moldova

The representative of Schmitz-Hille-Stiftung, Düsseldorf, Germany, Mr. Ralf Kresal who is responsible for the projects in Moldova has visited various projects during his stay in the country. On 06.09.07 Mr. Kresal has visited the day center for children in Grigorauca village. The center is financed up May by Schmitz-Hille-Stiftung and it is supervised and controlled by PRO UMANITAS.

To note also that 85 children from families in need are very happy to visit this center where they develop such courses as knitting, goblin, radiotechnics, dance, foreign language, music. Mr. Kresal was greeted by children with joy and a short concert.

PU President visits the partners

In August the President of PRO UMANITAS visited the partners from Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Germany. While the meeting they discussed the running projects as well as those, which are planned for the future. The meeting with familiar and unfamiliar sponsors had a good result. To note that Mr. Nadkrenicinii met also the President of Kanton Uri as well as the Princess of Liechtenstein.

Opening ceremony

On the 2nd Octobre 2007 at 11.00 o’clock is going to take place the official opening ceremony and presentation of our following projects:

1. Project No. PU 423.24\07
Reparation of the building for the Minifarm within the bounds of the boarding school in Straseni

2. Project No. PU D07 0440001
Redevelopment of the bedroom buildings\outside isolation of the building and renewing of the windows in a boarding school for mentally handicapped children in Straseni

3. Project No. 423.22\07
Reparation of the workshops in the boarding school in Straseni

We invite warmly to this special occasion all of our partners, friends and interested parties.

Finally a beautiful home

The two bedroom buildings of the boarding school in Straseni are finished. Now the children have got a comfortable, beautiful home. The building ist now completely isolated and faced. Beside that the old and mostly rotten windows became renewed through new, good isolated and modern, synthetic material ones.

Thanks to the financially supporting of “Kindermissionswerk”, Aachen, Germany; “Menschen helfen e. V.”, Seehausen, Germany, and the County Seat Straseni, Moldova, this dream, which we dreamed already 3 years, could cometrue.

Repair of the workshops within the boarding – school in Straseni are ready!

The repaired workshops are ready for the development of 4 courses: bakery, joiner’s shop, sewing and hairdresser’s shop. We are very happy that the children further have the opportunity to learn the desired profession. Now we are looking for a partner in order to help us to support the needed equipment and running costs.

An exchange of experience in Switzerland

The director and another two employees from the school for blind children from Bălţi, visited Switzerland at the invitation of the canton Uri in the period from 28.05.2007 to 08.06.2007. The teachers had there a seminar initiated and organized by Father Erwin Benz, where they took note both with new teach- and learn methods and with modern techniques regarding training for blind children. All 3 teachers came in Moldova with many ideas which they want to implement in their boarding-school from Bălţi, so that the children can improve their condition.

Visit of the president of the organization "Osteuropahilfe" from Austria

The president of the organization „Osteuropahilfe“, Mr. Gottfried Prenner, visited Moldova in the period from 31 Mai to 08 June 2007. He visited the PRO UMANITAS’ running projects and also we discussed together our future projects.

Visit of the president of the Organisation "Help for Children in Need" (HCN), Switzerland

During 18.05 - 25.05.2007 Mr. Peter Garst, HCN President was in the Republic of Moldova. As it was planned, Mr. Garst visited the running projects together with PRO UMANITAS. In various villages the little delegation looked for the possibilities to start new centers for children. As well additional children and families in need will receive financial support. The running 3 centers for children and a family children house brought a lot of joy to Mr. Garst. These projects are developped by the workers and teachers competent and clean.

Mrs. Ursula Honeck, President of the Organisation "Hilfe für Osteuropa e.V.", Germany, again in the Republic of Moldova

From 20.- 22.5.07 Mrs. Ursula Honeck visited the country together with 7 colleagues from Germany. She was in hospitals which received goods from her last humanitarian transport. The team together with Mrs. Honeck has gathered a lot of information for the future collaboration. Simultaneous, as used, Mrs. Honeck brought financial support for certain families.

High appreciation from prime-minister for the children project in Cojusna

Today the prime–minister of the Republic Moldova, Mr. Vasile Tarlev, visited the children house of family type and the daily centre for disadvantaged children “BUNVOLENTIA-COJUSNA”. The prime-minister brought with him a lot of gifts for the children and the workers. Mr. Tarlev discussed both with the employees and with the children being further happy for our project. With a lot of interest he listened about the project’s development. He also proposed his help for the future development of this center.

Project: Minifarm - rabbits as pets for the orphans

For our project Minifarm in Straseni in our boarding-school in Straseni we put stables for rabbits in the new renovated building, which was specially renovated for our new project. The rabbits have a stable inside the building as well as in an open air. The repair works have been supported by HILFSWERK LIECHTENSTEIN, President, Mrs. Beatrice Amann. It is planned, to found a rabbit breeding for up to 200 rabbits. Those rabbits should be specially a joy for the children. The first rabbits have already arrived in Straseni as a donation of a private person.

Finally warm bedrooms in winter for the orphans

The boarding-school in Straseni needs urgently an isolation of the two bedroom-buildings of the children. The works have already begun. After the damaged walls of the buildings were repaired, we could start with the isolation works. It has of a great importance that the outside-isolation will be done together with the renewing of the windows, for they are in very bad conditions. If we get 100% financial support for these work, it will be possible, to finish the isolation-works of both buildings and also the renewing of the windows until the end of September 2007, so that we can give those 143 orphans a warm and dry bedroom in the winter for the first time of their life.

Donation from the organization „Hilfe für Osteuropa e.V.“ came in time as it always does

On the 3rd of May came a new humanitarian transport from the German Organization “Hilfe für Osteuropa e.V.”. These humanitarian aids will facilitate the daily activity of 3 hospitals from Moldova. The humanitarian transport has been already distributed to all the hospitals and in the near future it will be used in daily work. The Organisation “Hilfe für Osteuropa e.V.“ with the president, Mrs. Ursula Honeck, sends humanitarian aid to Moldova two times per year. In this way the Moldavian hospitals can improve their work conditions.

New steps together with Schmitz-Hille Foundation from Germany

The May-month started for PRO UMANITAS with new achievements and new projects. In this concern, on the 2nd of May, began a new collaboration with Schmitz-Hille Foundation and in particular all the current costs of the day-center for children from disadvantaged families, Grigorauca village will be paid from May 2007 during 1 year by Schmitz-Hille Foundation.

Now, thanks to this project, the children from this center can continue their activities and they can develop their talents.

Organisation “ARBEITERWOHLFAHRT” for the first time in Moldova

On the 16th April 2007 Mr. Volker Tegeler, Director of the Organisation „ARBEITERWOHLFAHRT“ from Germany visited the office of PRO UMANITAS (PU). The discussion was based on the PU projects and priorities for the 2007 year.

In this concern PU pays a great attention to the improvement of the life conditions of the children, who lives in the boarding-school in Straseni. This goal can be reached at the one handside through reparation works of the boarding-school’s building and at the other handside through workshops for the children, where they can learn a profession.

Another important task for PRO UMANITAS in 2007 is to open more daycentres for children in various villages in the country. As many parents work abroad, their children stay at home alone, with their grandparents or neighbours. They have a lot of free time and not so much occupations. In this regards, within these day centers, we would do our best to work with these children, to help them doing their homework as well as to develop their talents.

Visit of the representative of the Organisation “Geschenk der Hoffnung” from Germany in the Republic of Moldova

During Easter time PRO UMANITAS had Mr. Wolfgang Dressel as guest, transmitted through the German Embassy. He represents the Organisation “Geschenk der Hoffnung”. Mr. Dressel visited 2 times the country and the projects of PRO UMANITAS in the village Cojusna and the town Straseni. Namely is there the family-orphanage and children daycentre „BUNVOLENTIA-Cojusna“ and the boarding-school for easy mental handicapped children in Straseni. In the same time Mr. Dressel visited together with ORA INTERNATIONAL and PRO UMANITAS the elderly home in Straseni. They have also discussed about the general situation of the country. Mr. Dressel noted the good collaboration between PRO UMANITAS and ORA INTERNATIONAL.

The visit of our German delegate

From 30.03.2007 till 06.04.2007 we had the opportunity to live some useful experiences, to learn and find out different ideas and also to receive new suggestions in our activity. All these thanks to the visit of our delegate from Germany, Mr. Manfred Ahlbrecht. Mr. Ahlbrecht visited PRO UMANITAS’s Projects and also he had many other meetings with representatives of different organizations. With them he discussed the problems our country confronting with and the possibilities these problems to solve. Mr. Ahlbrecht gathered Information about the evolution of our projects in order to present them to our donors from Germany.

A new daily centre for vulnerable children!

The daily centre for disadvantaged children from the village Ochiul Alb, Drochia district: “SORICEL” became “BUNVOLENTIA-SORICEL” when our guests from Switzerland, the Garsts family offered a new visit to it. Here, as in the daily centre from Cojusna, come disadvantaged children after the school. They do their homework with competent teachers, learn dancing, drawing and singing. Now, the girls from this centre have the opportunity to sew due to the sewing-machines and material from Mrs. Martha Garst and Mr. Peter Garst. The girls wait very impatiently the time when they can work with this equipment. Also, the children received different games and sweets from the Garst family.

Also we visited the daily centre for poor children from Grigorauca village at the return from Ochiul Alb. The children greeted our guests with songs and Moldavian, Russian, Ukrainian and Polish folk-dances. All the dances, the modern too, were danced with a lot of enthusiasm. At the end of the concert, the children were rewarded with notebooks, a lot of sweets and games.

A lot of happiness from Switzerland

Switzerland with its representatives, the family Garst is always a reason of happiness for us and for vulnerable and invalid children from Moldova, who are supported by our guests.

First of all the Garst family visited the children from the boarding-school from Straseni. As well with their financial support, there are built and repaired now with fast steps within this boarding-school different workshops as bakery, sewing-workshop, carpentry, and barber’s shop. Also, there will be realized the children’s dream to have here their own domestic animals and birds. The place for rabbits and hens will be finished very quickly.

Further the Garst family visited the children house of family type and the daily centre for disadvantaged children “BUNVOLENTIA-Cojusna”. The children were happy to receive gifts from Mrs. and Mr. Garst. They sang at the end of our visit different songs both in Rumanian and in German.

Gratitude for kindness...

Every dream becomes true at a certain moment. In our case it is realized the dream of the handicapped children from Straseni town in order to have a certain profession. For the project’s development, people with big hearts have contributed for whom, a promise must obligatory be respected. Through them is also Mr. Depouy who visited today this boarding school,noticing what it needs and providing the children with equipment for the workshops that are costructed and repared now: bakery, carpentry, sewing-workshop and barber’s shop.

We express our greate gratitude from us and from the children for this activity!

Equipment for children training

Everybody wants to find his/her place and vocation in this society. After the school, every child and in particular the handicap children dream to learn a profession but very few of them have such an opportunity. In this concern we are very happy that we can organize now this through new sewing machines from Father Benz from Switzerland and Hilfswerk Liechtenstein within the workshops in the boarding-school from Straseni, in the daily children center in Grigorauca village, Singerei district and in the daily children center in Ochiul Alb village, Drochia district. Now there are repaired the workshop in the boarding school from Straseni and further the courses for children training will be started immediately.

The teachers who will run these courses wait impatient to begin these trainings.


It’s hard to express how much hope we have seen in children’s eyes when we received the transport from HILFSWERK LIECHTENSTEIN and Mrs. Beatrice Amann, president. These needed goods, which were received as always at the right time, brought a lot of happiness to many vulnerable families from different regions of our country including the children house of family type and the children house of family type and the daily center BUNVOLENTIA-Cojusna as well as the boarding-school for handicapped children from Straseni town.

Personal bakery

The dream to have a personal bakery within the boarding – school for easy mental handicapped children in Straseni is going to become true. On 15th of January 2007 there was brought in Straseni the so wished main equipment for the further development of the bakery and it has been installed in the same day. The activity was possible due to the Organisation „Help for Children in Need“ from Switzerland.

Further repair works within the boarding-school in Straseni

According to the plan of projects for 2007 year 2 projects have been started already 2 to be developped within the boarding – school for easy mental handicapped children in Straseni. The first project foresees the repair of the workshops due to the contribution of the German Organisation „Menschen helfen“ from Murnau. The second project is started due to the participation of Hilfswerk Liechtenstein and it has the goal to repair the building where a little farm for animals is planned.