Annual meeting 2006

At the beginning of the new 2007 year it is used to organize traditional annual meetings. The annual meeting of PU staff where there were invited as well the founders of the association took place on 20th of December 2006.

During the meeting, the President of PRO UMANITAS, Mr. V.Nadkrenitschnii informed the founders about the results of the activities of the association realized during 2006 year. As usual there were discussed the new plans and projects for the future which were approved by the founders.

Christmas action 2006

On 25th of December all Christian will celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour - Jesus Christus. So Christmas action became already a tradition for PRO UMANITAS. In this concern, the distribution of Christmas sweets has been already started. Up today there are already 1290 poor children who received gifts. In all there will be 2261 children who will receive Christmas sweets.

Christmas action is being financed by „Hilfswerk Liechtenstein“, President, Mrs. Beatrice Amann, Father Hans Bock, Schierling, Germany, Sister Rosine and the children from the kindergarten within the catholic Parish from Schierling, Germany.

Charity action „Cloths and shoes“ within the boarding-school in Straseni

Mrs. Monika Jahncke, Vice-president of „Jahncke Fruchtsäfte-Konzentrate GmbH & CO KG“ firm from Drochtersen, Germany expressed her wish to provide the easy mental handicapped children from Straseni district with warm cloths and shoes.

In order to realize this wish Mrs. Jahncke arrived in Chisinau on 22nd of November from Germany. Mrs. Jahncke selected for each child from the boarding - school according to his/her measure winter shoes and jeans – trousers – in all for 148 children. Further, the cloths and the shoes were brought to the boarding - school and distributed to children.

The children received also sweets which Mrs. Jahncke brought additional from Germany in 2 suitcases. The children were radiating due to so much attention and love.

On this day each child received also a cap for winter as a gift from Father Hans Bock from Schierling, Germany.

The whole action was a nice gift for children before Christmas time.

Visit of Mrs. Amann and Father Benz

Mrs. Amann is the President of the Organisation „Hilfswerk Liechtenstein“ from which more Moldavian Organisations have already received several humanitarian transports. Mrs. Amann visited for the first time the Republic of Moldova in order to study the country, the people and the problems. Together with HCN Organisation from Switzerland, Mrs. Amann visited various projects, orphanages and children centers.

Mrs. Amann said that she was impressed by the experience which she lived in the Republic of Moldova. She found here confiance and also friends. Mrs. Amann noticed that the efforts of the workers from Hilfswerk Liechtenstein were welcome. She will report about it on 24th of November during the annual meeting with all workers.

Father Benz, former Director of the school for blind children in Baar, Switzerland visited the Republic of Moldova as well for the first time. The goal of the visit was to inform himself about the situation and education of the blind children from Balti.

The staff of the school was opened and kind. They were interested about the presentation of the Institution Baar in Switzerland and about the necessity of the special pedagogical support being as wel grateful and putting many questions in this concern.

According to Father Benz’s opinion even if the condition and the goals in the both countries are different there are possible changes in the didactical and pedagogical field. The advice for the further profession and the look for a job for such children is nevertheless a problem for the Republic of Moldova but which is related to the whole economic situation from the country.

Mr. Garst’s visit

From 01.11. up to 07.11.06 Mr. Garst, President one of our partner Organisation „Help for Children in Need“, Switzerland visited us. The goal of the visit was to evaluate together with PRO UMANITAS the projects which are developped together including children houses and children centers as well as other actual projects.

Inauguration in Cojusna

On Saturday, 04.11.2006, at 10.00 o’clock there was inaugurated the children house of family type and the children daily center „BUNVOLENTIA“ – Cojusna. The idea of the inauguration came both from the leader, offices of the children house and from the children who attend the daily center. The children decorated the children house with a lot of fantasy which also brought them joy.

The inauguration was done by Father Piotr, Prior of the Roman-Catholic Church in Tiraspol who is at the same time the founder of our association. It was indeed an ecumenical festivity where near catholic people there were also representatives of other religion: orthodox and evangelic.

Mr. Garst, President of one of 2 Organisations from Switzerland which financially support the children house was also present at the inauguration. Further, the children presented a little concert.

Meeting with the Minister of Education

On 03.11.06 took place the meeting with Mr. Crudu, minister of Education and PRO UMANITAS. At the meeting there was also present Mr. Garst, President of the Organisation „Help for Children in Need“, Switzerland.

During the meeting, the minister of Education stated that he was very impressed by the vocational center for young people and the children daily center in Grigorauca village which was opened in autumn 2005. Mr. Crudu has also expressed his gratitude to Mr. Garst for the children house of family type and the children daily center „BUNVOLENTIA“- Cojusna. There was also transmitted a thanking letter for Mrs. Margrit and Mr. Heinz Haenggeli, CORAFORA Stiftung, Schweiz, Liechtenstein who have supported the repair works and equipment for the children house in Cojusna. They are also financially participating now in the development of the mentioned project.

Contribution from „Menschen helfen e.V.“

From 22.09. up to 25.09. we had as guests Mr. Robert R. Roithmeier and Mr. Ingo Ingerl who are the representants of the organisation „Menschen helfen e.V.“ from Murnau, Germany and who have visited our project within the boarding-school for mental handicapped children in Straseni town and agreed to help the project in particular to support the repair of the workshops within the boarding-school.

Our intention is to build and equip a joiner’s shop, sewing course and a bakery where the elder pupils of the boarding-school will learn a profession. In this concern, this activity will facilitate the children integration into society and it will help the children to have their own source for living after leaving the boarding-school. The younger pupils will be also encouraged and they will have also the possibility to attend afternoon a training course.

This project can be now developed due to the precious financial help from „Menschen helfen e.V.“ which at its turn was gathered within a beneficient solemnity taking place on 22/23 July in Murnau and being organised by „Menschen helfen e.V.“.

Inauguration in Cojusna and Straseni

On 20th of September 2006 there was celebrated the inauguration of the children house of family type and the daily children center „BUNVOLENTIA“-Cojusna and the new repaired canteen and the barthrooms in the 2nd dormitory within the orphanage for mental handicapped children in Straseni.

The project in Cojusna village is a new strategy for the Republic of Moldova concerning their integration into family and not institutionalisation. The new children house of family type and the children center is very greeted by the government as it offers a new method for the resocialisation and integration of the children from orphanages into society. It is necessary to enricht the life of the children in need with love and warmth. The project will be developped together with the local administration.

Important to note is that the Swiss Organisation „Corafora-Stiftung Schweiz-FL“ as well as „Help for Children in Need“ has contributed to the repair works and equipment of the children house of family type and the daily children center.

Within the orphanage for mental handicapped children in Straseni there were done many repair works during the spring and summer time 2006. About the repair works we have previous written. It was a great honor for us and also our wish all sponsors who have contributed to invite to the inauguration of the new project and the new repaired building of the orphanage. The repair works and the new equipment for the rooms were a real gift for the children at the beginning of the school year. Further, the children have prepared for guests a cultural program with songs and poems.

Project „Casa mea“

The project „Casa mea“ is running since August 2006 within an orphanage from Hincesti. The goal of the project is to facilitate the reintegration into society of the young girls who are going to leave soon the orphanage. As a fact, the girls will be trained how to cook and at the table how to serve. Further, the other 320 mates of the girls benefit from the project by receiving meals which are prepared by the participants of the project. The mates are also served during their meals by the girls.

The project is developed in collaboration with Walkenried community from Germany and the local Organisation „Casa mea“.

Summer camp for disabled children in Straseni

During the summer holidays there was organized the summer camp for mental handicapped children in Straseni. Further, 3 teachers of the boarding-school and 2 volunteers from Germany from the Organisation „ORA International“ have organized the program of the summer camp. In the program there were foreseen various games, contests, trips to historical places from the country. Within the summer camp the children enjoyed also sweets.

As a fact, the children enjoyed the summer camp which will remain in the children’ memory for a long time.

The money for the project’s development was donated by the German Organisation „KINDERMISSIONSWERK“ from Aachen.

Repair works in the children house of family type and the daily children center „Bunvolentia-Cojusna“

In April there were started the repair works in one of our very important project in Cojusna village where from September the activity of the project and namely the children house of family type and the daily children center „Bunvolentia-Cojusna“ will be developped.

The building where the center will be developped needed to be repaired as well as the whole infrastructure of the house: the drainage, the gas, electricity and watter supply. For the heating sustem there was needed to build a kettle. In the center’s garden there was installed a place where children will play. So, step by step the repair works are finished.

Nowadays the center is being provided with certain equipment and there are done the preparation for the inauguration which will take place on 20 of September.

Repair works and equipment for the soup kitchen within the boarding- school in Straseni

With the help of „Renovabis“ Organisation, Freising, Germany in August 2006 there were finished the repair works of the soup kitchen within the the boarding-school for mental handicapepd children in Straseni. Nowadays all the rooms of the soup kitchen are totally renovated.

The soup kitchen was provided with new equipment. This was possible due to the firm „Jahncke Fruchtsäfte-Konzentrate GmbH & Co. KG“ from Drochtersen, Germany. The German Organisation „Hilfe für Osteuropa e.V.“ from Todtnau and the Swiss Organisation „Help for Children in Need“ from Evilard declared itself ready to cover the costs of the other needed items as equipment and furniture.

In a few days both the soup kitchen where the meals are prepared and the canteen where the children have lunches will work. So the children will benefit the lunches in favorable conditions which correspond to all hygienic requests.

Repair works of the bathrooms within the second dormitory of the boarding-school for mental handicapped children in Straseni

Meanwhile the repair works within the second dormitory of the boarding-school for mental handicapepd children in Straseni were finished according to the plan and established timetable. 1 year ago within the same boarding-school there was repaired the first dormitory. The goal to improve the living condition of the children from the boarding-school was achieved. Our expectance from the project’s development was also reached.

The repair works were supported by the German Organisation „KINDERMISSIONSWERK“, from Aachen.

The visit of our partner from Germany, Mr. Manfred Ahlbrecht

On 14.08.2006 Mr. Manfred Ahlbrecht visited the Republic of Moldova taking note as well of the current activity of PRO UMANITAS. The planned children house of family type in Cojusna village, Straseni district as well as the boarding – school in Straseni was visited by Mr. Ahlbrecht together with the President of PRO UMANITAS. The repair works and the equipment for the soup kitchen within the boarding – school in Straseni as well as the totally renovation of the planned children house in Cojusna were good assessed. The last project is a part of the new strategy of the Republic of Moldova.

In the next day there was also discussed together with Mr. Ahlbrecht the development of other projects. The goal which remains to be is the care and the training of the young people in need.

Professional training for orphan children

This was the topic of the meeting from 29.06 and 30.06 with Mr. Linsmaier from Austria and Mr. Hoepffner, representative of „Geschenke der Hoffnung e.V.“ Organisation from Berlin. Together we have examined various possibilities to develop projects both within the boarding-school for physical handicapped children in Straseni and in other locations. The vocational training represents a field where PRO UMANITAS would like to involve itself in order to improve the chance for the future of the young people and to contribute to their integration into society due to the learnt profession.

Inauguration of the new office of PRO UMANITAS

On 27.06.2006 there was inaugurated the new center of ORA International Moldova Organisation which collaborates with PRO UMANITAS since many years in the humanitarian field.

In ORA’ center PRO UMANITAS will receive a new office. We will move soon in the new spacious office which was inaugurated on this day by Father Peter who is our pastoral leader and the Priest of the Roman-Catholic Church in Tiraspol city. Further, there was organized a little inauguration party. Between us there were also our guests and partners from Austria, Mr. Gottfried Prenner and Mrs. Elfriede Kubasa.

Visit of Mr. Garst and Mrs. Garst

In the period between 20.06.2006 and 25.06.2006 we had guests from Switzerland, Mrs. Peter Garst, President of „Help for Children in Need“ Organisation and his wife, Mrs. Martha Garst.

The same like in March 06, the program of our guests were full of visits, meetings, discussions, examination of the projects and new possible plans for future.

On 22 June together with Mrs. Garst and Mr. Garst we have visited Ochiul Alb village where there was opened a daily center for children from poor families. The village is situated in the Northern side of the country and 182 km far from the capital.

The President of Straseni district, Mr. Petru Porcescu underlined on 24 July during the meeting that “the children house of family type and the daily center for children BUNVOLENTIA – Cojusna“ project will be the first project in the referred field in the Republic of Moldova. Simultaneous Mr. Porcescu expressed his gratitude to HCN and Mr. Garst for the participation and contribution for to the development of the mentioned project. From his side the president of the district promised his help and support.

Visit of Mr. Leimbach

On 15.06.06 Mr. Markus Leimbach, Chairman of the Projects and Countries Department within „Renovabis“ Organisation, Freising, Germany visited PRO UMANITAS.

„Renovabis“ funds one of our projects within the boarding - school for mental handicapped children in Straseni. Due to the financial support on behalf of „Renovabis“ there will be carried out the repair works of the canteen. The repair works are being done now.

Mr. Leimbach has visited the boarding school in Straseni. Further, there was discussed the collaboration with Renovabis within the office of PRO UMANITAS.

Donation for canteen’s equipment

The German Firm „Jahncke Fruchtsäfte-Konzentrate GmbH & Co. KG“ has tranferred financial means for the canteen’s equipment within the boarding-school for mental handicapped children in Straseni. The money has arrived on 12.06.06 on PRO UMANITAS’ account. Now with the special donation it is possible to purchase the new and modern equipment for the canteen.

International Children Day

On 1 of June there was celebrated the International Children Day. The staff of PRO UMANITAS planned for this day to contribute as well and some joy to children to bring. In this way, we visited the children from the regions were PRO UMANITAS develops ist projects and we congratulated the children.

In total, 780 children received sweets on this day. Father Hans and the Parish from Schierling, Germany were the donor of this activity.


On 25.05.06 there was a meeting in the office of PRO UMANITAS together with Dr. Hervé Dupouy, representant of the Oganisation „PARTENAIRES“, France which has a coordination office in Chisinau.

In this concern, in the nearest future it could be possible to cooperate together within the boarding-school for mental handicapped children in Straseni in order to repair and to provide equipment for the workshops room. Further, the children would learn a profession during their stay in the boarding-school. The goal of this activity is both to reintegrate the children into society after graduating the school and to improve their future living condition.

Prime-Minister visits one of our project

On Tuesday, the 16.05.06 Mr. Vasile Tarlev, Prime-Minister of the Republic of Moldova was with an official visit in Singerei district. The visit of the training Center for young people and the daily center for children in Grigorauca village which official opening took place in autumn 2005 was recommended by the local administration and it was previewed in the program of the prime-minister. Mr. Tarlev remained impressed by the visit of the center. Such an attitude of the Moldavian government gives us more impulse in order to plan and to develop similar projects in the future.

Agreement with the Center „MARANATA“

PRO UMANITAS has signed an agreement with the Center „MARANATA“, Singerei district. In this concern, the center will be provided with foods for the girls from families in need who benefit now vocational training within this center.

Visit of Mrs. Frau Honeck

On 08.05.06, PRO UMANITAS was visited by our guest, Mrs. Ursula Honeck, 1st President of the Organisation „HILFE FÜR OSTEUROPA - Todtnau-Seelscheid e.V“, Germany.

The visit lasted 2 days and it was very intensive. Mrs. Honeck wanted to meet all beneficiaries, between which there were the hospitals which receive anually humanitarian aid from „HILFE FÜR OSTEUROPA - Todtnau-Seelscheid e.V“. As well many families and people in need feel themselves blessed because Mrs. Honeck comes always in our country with not empty hands.

Transport with humanitarian aid from Germany

On 26th of April 2006 we have received 2 transports with humanitarian aid. The donor of the goods is the German Organisation „Hilfe für Osteuropa Todtnau-Seelscheid e.V.“. The humanitarian aid in value of 41.224 EURO and with the weight of 20.164 kg will be further immediately after receipt to beneficiaries distributed.

As goods there are medical equipment, needs for hospital, cloths and hygienic means. In this concern the beneficiaries of the transport there are firstly medical institutions from Republic of Moldova. In the name of beneficiaries we are very grateful to the donor for the provided preciopus help and transport with humanitarian goods.


Dear friends and partners!

We wish you Happy Easter and God’s blessing.
May God protect you always and be with you.

Yours sincerely

Repair of the building of the children house of family type and the daily children center „BUNVOLENTIA“ in Cojusna

The same in Cojusna village there was possible to start the repair of the future children house of family type and the daily children center „BUNVOLENTIA“. The financing for this very important project for us is provided by the Swiss Organisation HCN, President, Mr. Garst.

Repair of the sanitary links within the 2nd dormitory of the boarding-school for easy mental handicapped children in Straseni

Within the 2nd dormitory the basic repair works of the beds and wc started. The sanitary links will be totally renewed. The destroied water taps and pipes will be changed. The project is financed by „KINDERMISSIONSWERK“ Organisation from Aachen, Germany. With the financial support of the same organisation in the last year there were repaired the sanitary links within the 1st dormitory as well as there was done the intern repair of the rooms.

Repair of the roof within the boarding-school for easy mental handicapped children in Straseni district

There was a great necessity since long time to repair the totally destroied roof above the soup kitchen and workshops for children within the boarding-school in Straseni. The repair works were urgent to be done. In this concern up to now we didn’t have any financial possibility for this purpose. But during the second week of April something special happened. The needed amount was transferred on our account. We could immediately start the so needed repair works. The donor of the whole project is:

            Mr. Herbert Adam Otto Zimmermann
            Geschäftsführer Fa. Aussenwerbung H.Zimmermann GmbH
            Merlostrasse 20
            D-50668 Köln

Humanitarian aid from Liechtenstein

On 4th of April 2006 PRO UMANITAS received a transport with humanitarian aid in value of 26400 CHF and with the weight of 14175 kg. The donor is HILFSWERK LIECHTENSTEIN.

In name of the people in need from Republic of Moldova, we would like to express our profound gratitude fort he offered goods to the population from Liechtenstein and to Mrs. Beatrice Amann, President of Hilfswerkes Liechtenstein. In the next days the received goods will be distributed to all beneficiaries.

Especially during the Easter time this action is precious because it is a help which brings in the life of the people in need attention, warmth, hope and which proves that the God’s Love never gives up.

Visit of Mr. Peter Garst from Switzerland

During the period from 17.03.2006 up to 23.03.2006 a special guest has visited us, Mr. Peter Garst, President of the Organisation “Help for Children in Need“, Switzerland. During the first visit in the Republic of Moldova in December 2004 Mr. Garst saw the poverty and needs of the Moldavian population being further affected of it. Meanwhile we met Mr. Garst. After more visits we built with Mr. Garst a good partnership through HCN organization.

The time passes quickly but it was productive and very intensive through more visits in the countryside, many important meetings and discussions.

Here are the results:

  • Signing of agreement between HCN and PU concerning the mutual partnership for 2006 year
  • Signing the agreement regarding the children house of family type and the children center „Bunvolentia– Cojusna“
  • Development of the projects in Ochiul Alb village, Drochia district: “center for children”, “little credits”, a training center being also in plan
  • Help for the kindergarten in Gangura village, Ialoveni district
  • Project „Patenkinder“
  • Help for the students from poor families
  • There will be also discussed other projects for future.