The charitable association PRO UMANITAS was founded as a consequence of the difficult social and economic situation in the Republic of Moldova. The association received the State Certificate of Public Utility from the Ministry of Justice on 08.10.2003 in order to facilitate its activities in the country.

Council and management of the association work closely together with local and foreign partners to help orphans, children from large and poor families as well as old and handicapped people. PRO UMANITAS concentrates on long-term strategies, strengthens self-help groups and cares much for sustainable projects.


The main priority of PRO UMANITAS is to integrate children into society through the following activities:

  • to provide favorable living conditions and education to children from orphanages, needy and large families;

  • to help young people from poor families to study a profession and to find a job at the local level;

  • to help street children through social projects;

Other goals of the charity association are training of the students from deprived families by paying the study fees at a university, college or professional school and support of old, lonely, ill and needy people by providing a healthy nutrition and an occupation within the day care center for elderly.

Target groups

  • Children and young people from vulnerable families and orphanages

  • Elder people

  • Handicapped people


Central Office:  
Vladimir Nadkrenicinii President
Profession – Dipl. engineer
Director of Caritas Moldova from 1993 up to 2003
Ana Chihii Accountant
Profession – Bachelor of Accountancy
Iulia Krimskaia Project manager
Profession - Bachelor of Philology
Andrei Nadkrenicinii IT Support
Bachelor of Computer Science
Regional Offices:
The regional offices are located in the North of Moldova (village Grigorauca, district Singerei) and in the central region (village Gangura, district Ialoveni and village Cojusna, district Straseni). Each regional office is led by a coordinator. The accounting is kept by local accountants. There are 71 employees (coordinators, accountants, teachers, educators, cooks, etc.) in three regional offices.


Our address:
str. Calea Orheiului 122, Of. 205
MD 2020, com. Stauceni, mun. Chisinau
Tel: +373 22 009 989
Fax: +373 22 990 919


Bank data of PRO UMANITAS
Account in EURO (for PROJECTS)

IBAN: MD44VI000222401700184141
BIC (S.W.I.F.T.-Code):
Account holder:Asociatia de Binefacere PRO UMANITAS
Street:str. Calea Orheiului 122, Of. 205
MD 2020, com. Stauceni, mun. Chisinau, Moldova
Name of the bank:B.C. VICTORIABANK S.A fil. Nr. 11
Street:bd. Stefan cel Mare 77
MD 2012 Chisinau, Moldova
Correspondent Bank:COMMERZBANK AG, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Intended purpose:(must indicate)