Food packages for the poorest

Many families and the elderly in Moldova have a difficult life. They live close to or even below the poverty line. Before Christmas holidays we were able to bring 280 poor families and the elderly from Grigorauca, Gangura, Chisinau and other places of the country a great joy. We could give them food packages with canned goods, sausages, various types of porridge (rice, buckwheat, wheat, oatmeal), pasta, butter, tea, sugar, oil, tomato paste, biscuits, condensed milk, etc.

It was a wonderful action. The needy received the gifts with tears of joy. A great thank goes to the "Hilfe für Osteuropa" Todtnau, Germany, Pro Moldavia e.V., Gladbeck, Germany, Mrs. Regina Weiss, Nettetal, Germany, Mrs. Thea Cleophas, Bielefeld, Holland; these people made this action possible; may God bless them!

Advent meeting in Grigorauca

In Advent period, people are preparing for Christmas. They meet daily for a service and wait for the feast of salvation. Hymns are sung announcing the coming of Christ.

The Rorate mass is held very early in the morning. After that, people go to work, children go to school. Therefore, the churchgoers from Grigorauca receive a good daily breakfast. This way, people can also experience fellowship and come closer to one another. The local pastor participates in the Advent meetings.

This action was supported by Priest Hans Bock, Schierling, Germany.

Saint Nicholas comes on time

The well-known legend says that the St. Nicholas is on the way with his sleigh on the night of December 5th to 6th and fills the shoes and socks of children with small gifts and sweets. For the children who attend our day care centers this is not a legend. Children from needy, socially vulnerable families get surprises, sweet gifts, every year. This time is beloved by girls and boys. They are happy and merry. Their parents are very grateful for this action, because they cannot afford to make such feast to their children.

The Christmas action included 1151 children and was supported by Hilfswerk Liechtenstein, President Mrs. Bettina Pelger-Sprenger, Triesen, und Priest Hans Bock, Schierling, Germany.

Renovated joinery for the children of the day care center "Saint Maria"

The joinery in Grigorauca was opened in 2008. During this time, many children were engaged in the activities of a carpenter. They created many beautiful woodworks, took part in various exhibitions and competitions. In addition, many of our graduates found a job in furniture factories of Moldova. The joinery needed repair. The renovation could be realized this year. The children took part in reparation. After the repair, the joinery is quite comfortable, and children like to spend their time here. We would like to thank Priest Erwin Benz, Switzerland, for the financial support in implementing this project.

Renovation of the Day Care Center for Children BUNVOLENTIA Cojusna

Day care center for children BUNVOLENTIA Cojusna was opened in 2006. 13 years it has been the second home for needy children. This year there was an urgent need to renovate the facade and the rooms of the center, as no repairs have been made so far.

Thanks to the financial support of the family Haenggeli, Switzerland and the organization “Help for Children in Need”, Switzerland, the center has been renovated. The completed works include the construction of a new pavilion and the repair of the facade and the partial repair of the rooms.

Now the center is in a very good condition again and the children can continue their creative activities in the center.

New furniture, kitchen equipment and tableware for schools in Iezarenii Vechi, Ciuciuieni and Mihailovca

The children spend most of the day in gymnasium; therefore, a nutritious lunch is very important for their development.

In many rural gymnasiums, the furniture, kitchen equipment and tableware are old and in bad condition, including gymnasiums in Iezarenii Vechi, Ciuciuieni and Mihailovca.

Thanks to the financial support of Mr. Stefan Kaiser, Mr. Fritz Huber and Priest Erwin Benz, Switzerland, we were possible to renew the kitchen and canteen inventory in these schools.

HCN in Moldova

The representatives of the organization “Help for Children in Need”, the president, Mr. Peter Gast, and the vice president, Mr. Edwin Hollenstein, visited Moldova in the period of 3-8 November 2019. During this time, it was possible to visit all 16 day care centers for children BUNVOLENTIA, as well as the center for the elderly "Sf. Petru." In each center, children and staff welcomed the long-expected guests. Representatives of HCN were pleasantly surprised by the seen progress. They warmly thanked everyone for their diligent and fruitful work.

In addition, they managed to visit a bakery in the village Sarata Galbena and a project in Straseni.

PRO MOLDAVIA e. V for the Needy from Moldova

In keeping with ERNTEDANK, Magdalene Böckmann from Pro Moldavia e.V, Gladbeck had the idea to make our friends in Moldоva, especially the elderly, happy at this beautiful celebration. Magdalene Böckmann is now on the road to recovery after a long and serious illness, twined together with three ladies hydrangea wreaths. Several days the ladies collected the flowers, sought fruits and dried them and put them together in very beautiful wreaths. It could be collected a nice amount for the action “Bread for the Poorest People” by the sale of 40 hydrangea wreaths. This will be passed to PRO UMANITAS for this project, with many old people taking part in it. A fitting gift of thanks to the Creator at the end of the harvest season, combined with the thought that our fellow human beings in Moldova can also celebrate Thanksgiving Day and give thanks.

The 24th seminar for coordinators and teachers of BUNVOLENTIA centers and day care center “St. Maria”

On October 12, 2019 there was organized the 24th seminar for coordinators and teachers of all 16 day care centers for children BUNVOLENTIA and day care center “St. Maria” in the village Cojusna, region Straseni. It was a wonderful meeting where 28 people took part.

The seminar consisted of two parts. The first part was led by Mrs. Natalia Vlasov, psychologist. She presented a very important topic “Families without borders”. In the second part of the seminar the teachers and coordinators could discuss their problems and wishes.

At the same there was organized a seminar for the accountants.

„Menschen helfen e. V“ are again in Moldova

Representatives of the organization “Menschen helfen e.V”, headed by President Mr. Dr. Robert Roithmeier (Germany) visited Moldova again. They had the opportunity to visit the gymnasium in Petrovca where they have recently financed a project for thermal insulation of the building. The school administration together with the pupils met the dear guests joyfully, thanking for the invaluable help rendered in time to their beloved school. Further representatives of “Menschen helfen e. V” visited the gymnasium in Grigorauca. Pupils and teachers were very pleased with their visit. Then the guests visited the day center for children “St. Maria”, where they could see with their own eyes the activities of children who attend this center. The children were happy to demonstrate their work and the achieved results. The visit was ended with a grandiose demonstration of outfits that the children had sewn in the center.

Insulation of the gymnasium in Petrovca

The quality of the plaster on the walls of the gymnasium was bad. Large heat loss was observed. It was necessary to use a lot of fuel to maintain an acceptable temperature in the classrooms. Thereby, it was decided to insulate the walls, which significantly will reduce heat loss. This measure will help to maintain a favorable room temperature and reduce the number of sick children in winter.

Thanks to the financial support of Gemeinde Baar (CH), „Menschen helfen e. V”, Seehausen (Germany) „Hilfe für Osteuropa”, Todtnau (Germania) “Help for Children in Need”, Evilard (CH) we had the opportunity to implement this project.

The walls were insulated with high quality materials. The total area of the walls of the gymnasium is 1140 m2, the thickness of the used materials was 70 mm.

Now, the gymnasium in Petrovca will not face this problem. This qualitative work will provide pleasant conditions for all children for a long time.

A new roof for Gymnasium in Petrovca

The Gymnasium was built in 1995. It is frequented by the students from four villages (Petrovca, Vladimirovca, Evghenievca and Antonovca). There are two projects here - BUNVOLENTIA Petrovca (since 2008) and BUNVOLENTIA Vladimirovca (since 2010) which are frequented by 45 needy, socially deprived children.

One of the most serious problems was the problem with roof, which was in a very desolate condition. During raining all rooms inside the gymnasium were becoming wet constantly.

Thanks to the financial support of Mrs. Brigitta Walder (CH), HILFSWERK LIECHTENSTEIN (FL), pastor Hans Bock (through Catholic pastorate Schierling, Germany), priest Erwin Benz (CH), Mrs. Regina Weiss (D) and district council Singerei (MD) we had the opportunity to implement this project. The old roof was dismantled, and a new roof installed, taking into account the seismic characteristics of the area. Ecological material (profile sheet) was used for the covering of the roof. The total roof area is 1720 m2.

At the same time, a system for collecting and removing rainwater was purchased and installed.

Summer is a wonderful time

Summer is the favorite time of all pupils, because after a difficult school year, so awaited holidays come, filled with joy and fun. This is also true for children who attend BUNVOLENTIA-centers. They had the opportunity to visit museums, theaters, and recreational centers. And according to the tradition, the children visit the pizzerias, where delicious meals are prepared for them. Everyone enjoys his time during the excursion.

"Hilfe für Osteuropa e.V." gives great pleasure the needy in Moldova

Mrs. Ursula Honeck President of the organization "Hilfe für Osteuropa e.V." (HFO) Todtnau, Germany, and Mr. Gunther Köllner have already visited our country for their second time this year. Whenever they come to Moldova, they bring much joy to needy families. Mrs. Honeck and Mr. Köllner were in Orhei and Edinet to visit their projects there. In Chisinau there was a meeting with the sponsored families which they support. It was a beautiful meeting, at which many words of thanks were told.

Grateful villagers of Grigorauca, Singerei district, have prepared a special reception for the guests. The children of the day center "St. Maria" were waiting with a concert.

It is worth mentioning that the organization HFO has been helping the needy in this region for more than 20 years.

The guests also visited the village Petrovca, Singerei district; major repairs are currently being carried out at the school. Also, the organization HFO is involved in the financing.

A pleasant surprise

During the last visit of “Menschen Helfen e.V.”, Murnau, the president of the organization, Dr. Robert Roithmeier allowed that the children of the day care center “St. Maria” from Grigorauca take a trip. Promise – done! On Saturday, 01.06.2019, the children were in Chisinau at the Opera Theater, where a great spectacle took place. They were very impressed with the opera theater and the spectacle. The children could also enjoy a delicious meal in a pizzeria.

This trip was a reward for the wonderful performance and great work of the children during the visit of “Menschen Helfen e.V.” In total, 74 children and teachers visited Chisinau.

Feast in Grigorauca

Representatives of the organization "Menschen Helfen e. V "(President Dr. Robert Roithmeier), Seehausen, Germany visited the day care center" Saint Maria "in Grigorauca, Singerei district. On the occasion of the sponsors’ visit, the children prepared sports competitions, songs, dances and puppet theater performances. So, they showed what they are doing in the center and what results they have achieved. The children also gave the guests hand-made gifts. The vice-district president, head of regional education and the mayor of Grigorauca village participated in the event. They greatly appreciated the contribution of our German friends to helping needy children. Dr. Roithmeier held a personal conversation with the Center's head Mrs. Svetlana Pasa. He supported Mrs. Pasa's idea to carry out actions for the children of the center.

Mr. Dr. Roithmeier met with the grateful beneficiary

The Volcovschii family is a needy family from the village Gangura in the Ialoveni district. Despite the difficult financial situation, they raise three children. In 2016, one of the children, Mihaela Volcovscaia, was in urgent need of eye surgery. "Menschen Helfen e. V" (President Mr. Dr. Robert Roithmeier) Seehausen, Germany, responded to the call for help. The girl had a successful operation, eliminating the problem that Mihaela and her family have been fighting for nine years.

Today, three years later, on the occasion of the visit of the representatives of "Menschen Helfen e. V” in Moldova, Mihaela was able to meet and thank them again.

"Menschen Helfen e. V "visits the projects in Gangura, Ialoveni district

During their traditional annual visit to Moldova, representatives of the organization "Menschen Helfen e. V ", Germany, (President Dr. Robert Roithmeier) visited several projects that were realized in the village Gangura, namely the kindergarten, the water supply project and four BUNVOLENTIA projects. Traditionally, guests were greeted with bread and salt. Children who visit the centers gave to the guests hand-made gifts.

New heating system for gymnasium Mihailovca

The gymnasium of Mihailovca (built 1960) till the present day did not have heating system. Each classroom was heated with a stove. Corridors and other rooms were not heated at all. The total area of the gymnasium is 2010 m2. Despite the high fuel consumption, the rooms did not always have the necessary air temperature. Children and staff of the gymnasium put their health at risk, as they were often forced to breathe carbon monoxide gas. That’s why, it was decided to install a new heating system.

This project was successfully implemented thanks to the financial support of Hilfswerk Liechtenstein (President Bettina Pelger-Sprenger), Liechtenstein and the District Council of Singerei, Moldova.

Help came on time

The bad and unhygienic conditions in the kitchen and dining room of Gymnasium in Copaceni, district Singerei were a big problem. This urgently needed a solution. Regional health care organizations warned the school administration several times. The healthy lunch that the children receive at school is very important for the body and the development of the children. They get what they need for their development there. There are 110 school children in total, including 50 needy children, who visit our TKH BUNVOLENTIA after school. Especially important is this lunch for these needy children. Often, this is the only healthy meal they receive. That's why it is important to have kitchen and dining room well equipped.

With the help of pastor Hans Bock (through Catholic parish Schierling / Germany), we could buy the necessary equipment and set up the kitchen wing and dining room. The children are now eating in a clean room. The food is stored and cooked in suitable rooms.

Easter action for needy people

Easter is a new life, a source of life. The needy, old, lonely and sick people of Grigorauca and Gangura, could feel the love and wonder of this holy feast. 250 families received food packages. In total, about 3 tons of staple foods and sweets were distributed. The needy people will celebrate a true Easter.

This beautiful action was financed by Hilfe für Osteuropa e.V., Todtnau (Germany) and PRO MOLDAVIA e. V, Gladbeck (Germany).

The 23rd seminar for coordinators and teachers of BUNVOLENTIA centers and day center “St. Maria”

On March 16, 2019 there was organized the 23rd seminar for coordinators and teachers of all 16 day care centers for children BUNVOLENTIA and day care center “St. Maria” in the village Gangura, region Ialoveni. It was a wonderful meeting where 52 people took part.

The dear guests of the seminar were the families Garst and Hollenstein from Switzerland. Mr. Garst was welcomed as an honorable citizen of Gangura.

The seminar consisted of two parts. The first part was led by Mrs. Natalia Rotaru, psychologist. She presented a very important topic “The causes of bad children’s behavior”. The participants were offered to take part in different activities to show obviously the causes of bad children’s behavior. In the second part of the seminar the teachers and coordinators could discuss their problems and wishes.

At the same there was organized a seminar for the accountants.

HCN in Moldova

The president of the organization „Help for Children in Need” (HCN) Mr. Peter Garst and vice-president Mr. Edwin Hollenstein visited Moldova in March. They were accompanied by their wives Mrs. Martha Garst and Mrs. Beatrice Hollenstein. It was the 33rd Mr. Garst’s visit. Our Swiss partners visited their projects: 16 day care centers for children BUNVOLENTIA, day care center for the elderly “St. Petru” and also another projects such as day care center for children “St. Maria” in Grigorauca. Everywhere they were met with flowers and hand-made gifts. The families Garst and Hollenstein could spend much time with children and enjoy a tasty lunch with them. They could make sure pupils have a good meal and they are well cared for.

A great feast in Grigorauca!

A beautiful feast took place in the village Grigorauca on March 5, 2019. The children from the day care center for children “St. Maria” congratulated all women of the village with the Women’s Day. They prepared a great performance with dances, songs and puppet theatre. The children made with joy and love presents for their mothers, grandmothers, sisters and women from the village. Despite the coldness the hall was full. All present enjoyed this wonderful day!

Ventilation system for the school kitchens in the villages Cozeşti, Mihailovca and Misovca

Structural requirements and technical equipment are not surely the most important feature of schools. However, they play a significant role in the good school functioning as well as in the creation of a good work atmosphere. In this way, we have succeeded in installing new ventilation systems in three different kitchens, thereby significantly improving the working conditions of the staff.

This will undoubtedly have a positive effect on nutrition and then probably on pupils - improving the atmosphere from all points of view. The project was successfully implemented with the support of the Local Council and the financial support of the municipality of Baar / Switzerland (through Father Erwin Benz) as well as our professional and organizational support.

“Hilfe fuer Osteuropa e. V” in Moldova

A new year comes with new blessing and with first visitors from Todtnau. Mrs. Ursula Honeck, President of “Hilfe für Osteuropa e.V.” has been working in Moldova for 24 years. In her first visit in this year, she was accompanied by her husband, Dr. Thomas Honeck. They visited the projects of the organization from Orhei and Edinet.

In Chisinau took place a cordial meeting with all sponsored families. The sponsored families were glad to see Mrs. and Mr. Honeck. Many words of thanks and blessings were told.

Report of Activity 2018

With great joy, we would like to announce that our annual Report of Activity 2018 is now available on our website under the Reports section.
Food packages for the poorest families

The current socio-economic situation in Moldova is quite difficult. That's why there are more and more people who need help; the majority are the elderly, disabled and large families. Each year the lives of these needy people are getting more difficult. Thanks to our merciful friends from Austria 30 needy families from villages Grigorauca and Copaceni got food packages. This is more than just a sign of compassion, love and care, which gives the elderly, the disabled, and the large families much joy. Their hearts were full of joy and gratitude.

This action was financed by Franziskusgemeinschaft, Pinkafeld, Austria.

Firewood and coal come on time

Christian mercy is an appeal. This is our mission, entrusted to us by the Church of Christ. It is also our duty to follow the commandments of love. In our difficult financial time, the social-vulnerable strata of the population (people with disabilities and pensioners) are in a difficult situation. In the winter-heating season, these needy categories feel hunger and cold, suffer from severe chronic diseases. Thanks to the love of Christ and our partners from the organization HILFSWERK LIECHTENSTEIN, we were able to provide the needy from the 10 poorest families of Grigorauca with firewood and coal in this difficult period. For people in need, this is a great help that will assure them survival in the winter period. We thank non-indifferent people who present their hearts full of love and mercy.

The Children are ready for Winter

202 children from our day care centers BUNVOLENTIA and day care center for children "Hl. Maria " had a great joy. They have got winter shoes. These children have financial difficulties. Often their parents do not afford to provide them with the necessary. Due to this gift, the little ones are protected from the cold. The parents are very grateful, and the boys and girls are very happy.

The campaign was financially supported by Trilingual Dayschool DEF GmbH, Switzerland.